“Nicole Hunter has been my physiotherapist for many years. She is highly skilled, personable, and an all round great person. She’s always been there to help me recover and rehabilitate both my chronic and acute injuries to help me compete at my best. Nicole helped me be at my physical best leading up to the 2008 Olympics Games and afterwards. Now, I am relying on her to support my physical health leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games this summer in London. Thanks to Nicole and the team at Marda Loop Physiotherapy for their professional, skilled, and caring service!”.

Carol Huynh

Wrestling 2008 Olympic Games Champion

“Paul is a key aspect of our support staff. He brings positive energy, lots of knowledge, and dedication. He is always very accommodating and approachable and has been there to treat all my injuries. I can always count on him!”.

Jessica Gregg

Speedskating (Short Track) 2010 Olympic Silver Medalist

“I have worked with Somer closely over the past few years. She has helped me not only recover quickly from shoulder pain, but also helps keep my body in working condition week in and week out. Without Somer and the rest of the team at Marda Loop Sport Physio, I would not be able to compete, train and recover at the highest level. Somer is a great therapist and person. She always greats you with a smile and makes you feel very comfortable.”

Erica Morningstar

2 x Olympian Swimmer

“During the past few years I suffered both a very severe ankle/tendon injury and recently a major rotator cuff tear. In both cases Paul & Nicole treated me in the most professional, thorough and enlightened approach as possible. Their superb care has resulted in full and complete recovery of both injuries. I couldn’t make a more supportive endorsement to their skills, capability and gracious handling of a patient.”.

Tim Hearn

Retired CEO

“No matter the challenge or the situation, I could always rely on Greg when I needed him. Greg is not only a world class physiotherapist but also a great person. He made me feel comfortable and at ease during treatments, and I was always confident in his skills. In the years leading up to the Beijing Olympics I was fortunate to have Greg as an integral part of my preparations for the Games. I can truly say that it made a world of difference to have him on my team”.

Jessica Zelinka

Track & Field (Heptathlon) 2008 Olympic Games 5th place

“I’ve worked with Greg for the past several years and he has been a huge help to me in achieving and maintaining the physical state I need to perform at my best. Greg is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled physiotherapist with years of experience working with some of Canada’s, and the worlds, top athletes in many different sports. I’m always confident in Greg’s ability and he’s also fun to be around!”

Kristina Groves

Speedskating (Long Track) 2006 & 2010 Olympic Medalist, 2008 & 2010 World Champion

“I’ve worked with Greg in a variety of sport related capacities since 1999.  Back then Greg was a senior member of the National Canoe Kayak team, someone who I trained alongside, learned from and looked up to, and won my first National Title in K4 with.  Since 1999 Greg has played an absolutely instrumental role in maintaining my physical health and managing my injuries, aches and pains as our team’s physiotherapist.  Greg’s innovative approach, vast base of knowledge and tireless ambition in continuing to expand and update that base of knowledge has been a driving force in my, and our whole team’s success on the water over the past 8 years.  When our bodies hurt, we don’t always know why or what to do about it, but having Greg around ensures we’re back in our boats as quickly as possible training as hard as we can.”

Adam Van Koeverden

Canoe/Kayak Olympic & World Champion

“I came to Greg as referred by my massage therapist. My massage therapist helped keep problems and symptoms somewhat manageable for a long time. For many years I suffered with lower back problems, but mostly my hands going numb & swelling, couldn’t even go for a simple bike ride, wash my hair, etc., without major discomfort.  I had been to Dr.’s many times for help they did their tests and said I had carpel tunnel in both wrists, recommended surgery on both.  What came with that was no guarantee & a prescription for anti – inflammatories.  Nope not going to happen. So I met Greg and with time, patience, IMS treatments & (massage / chiro) we have it well under control.  I can do almost anything I use to do and no problems.  I enjoy life so much more.  I could help my parents, now enjoy life with my husband & son, what a treat.  I’m continuing with my regular tune-ups. Kudos to Greg and his team. Thanks is not nearly enough for giving this H/M/D back her life as it should be”.

Heather Cartwright

Housewife / Mother / Daughter

Paul has been behind me through 2 Olympic Games and 9 racing seasons, as well as all the injuries that go along with it. He’s the guy running the show behind the scenes. There is a team of instrumental staff, each doing an essential job that goes without much attention when an athlete is standing on top of the podium. The unsung heroes of those champions is the team behind them. Paul is the medical lead of my team and a person whom I might never have realized my dreams without.

I’m counting on him and everyone now more than ever to fix me in time for the next big show. A challenge that I know Paul and team are equally as anxious to tackle as I am!
Denny Morrison
Olympic Champion
4 X Olympic Medalist (Gold Men’s Team Pursuit Vancouver 2010, Silver 1000m Sochi 2014, Silver Men’s Team Pursuit Turin 2006, Bronze 1500m Sochi 2014)
Denny Morrison

Olympic Champion Speedskater

After developing post-traumatic arthritis following a tear of my left lateral meniscus in the 1980’s, my  knee locked and I fell and sustained a stellate fracture of the left patella in 2015. Rehab was long. I  had the very good fortune of meeting David Ridgewell while he was working some shifts as a physiotherapist at Vancouver General Hospital prior to David taking on a role with a sports physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver. David manipulated my left knee in a way that greatly accelerated my rehab. I will never forget the attentiveness of his assessment and the focus and precision with which David manipulated the knee. His touch was very healing and I decided to follow David to the private clinic.  David’s move to Calgary is certainly Vancouver’s loss and Calgary’s gain.
‎I worked with David regularly until his move to Calgary. He is exceptionally skilled at functional assessment, infectiously positive, caring and encouraging. David has an uncommon courtesy and courage in how he challenges one to push the limits in rehab to optimize outcome. With his assistance, I was able to get two more years out of a badly damaged knee with severe tri-compartmental arthritis. When it became obvious that a total knee replacement was required, David created a plan to help me prepare for surgery. His plan was very effective. I am now almost three weeks post-op and the things that David taught me remain hugely beneficial to improving range of motion.
David went above and beyond by facilitating a seamless referral to another physiotherapist when David and his wife moved to Calgary. I encourage anyone who wants to enhance their strength and wellness to partner with David! He makes the journey fun and impactful!” – Janet David 
Janet David

A few weeks back during an intense training week I was desperately looking for help, I was panicked because out of nowhere my back flared up on me and there was no way I could meet the demands of training with the injury. I searched around and the earliest someone could see me would have been too long of a wait and I need this problem handled immediately. Thankfully Carmen was available and after treating my injury I was able to function properly and had quick recovery so I didn’t miss much training in the process. Her laid back personality put me at ease and her knowledge was very comforting and reassuring since I was very concerned about the sudden injury. Many thanks to Carmen and Marda Loop Physio!

Shani Davis
Double Olympic Champion
Multiple World Champion
Shani Davis

Olympic Champion Speedskater